Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kari and Caroline emails

I was just looking through some pictures and I saw this first picture...

  ...I really like the whole Emerald Green/Black and White theme going on here. I think the black and white makes it look modern retro and the green almost looks old-fashioned but modern at the same time. I just think that this whole color theme really works well to balance the two.

  At the same time I was looking at this I was also searching for emerald green wedding dresses. I found this one... wasn't exactly what I was looking for when I typed in emerald green dress, but I really like it. It's a traditional white dress, but the green really adds a lot to it. I like the detail that they have on and between the green, it makes the green stand out even more. Also the green is a little bit washed out which makes it look even better with the white because the match better. It stands out, but in a good way. Also, on the bodice, I like how the green forms and upside down shape. I think this helps to make the waist look smaller and gives it that Renaissance look.
  This dress is so pretty! I like it because it's not completely sleeveless. I think sleeveless dresses are pretty but I'm not so sure I would want one. Plus, you kinda have to have a perfect upper body to pull one of those off, which most of us DON'T have. Anyway, back to the dress... Although the sleeves don't really do that much to cover up the arms (well, nothing really) They cover up part of your shoulders and above the dress. And even though it's not that much, it really helps with broad shoulders because there's an interruption between the shoulder and the neck, making them look less broad. It is a very beachy looking dress, but I think that the material could be changed to make it into a more formal-looking wedding dress as well. Either way, I think that it is a really pretty dress.
  Okay, I LOVE these shoes! Most brides wear flip flops underneath their wedding dresses for comfort. I, for one, know that I will not be doing that,  since I will try everything in my power to look taller than I really am. And shoes are need to accomplish that. When I see these shoes, the first thing that pops into my head is a 50s themed wedding. Ya know, the bride with her green and white, knee length gown walking down the isle in these shoes! I love the pattern on the shoes, but I also love the style of the shoe. It's a pretty normal shoes, but it's always in the detail. And I love the detail on this, how the shoes has the open "windows" on it. Sorry I couldn't think of a better word for it.

  Sorry about not having a picture for this one, but go to the link and you can see it. For this one, it isn't so much the dress or shoes that I like, but I love the picture on the right! How cool would it be to have everyone wearing sunglasses! Kinda like JK Wedding, except a little bit more serious. It's like a super cool fashion statement! Plus, if you have and outdoor wedding, it's also very useful.

  So... I know this doesn't really look like a hairdo for a wedding, but I think you could make it look like that. Especially for a beach wedding, it's a nice alternative to wearing your hair down. Especially if it just happens to turn humid the day of your wedding, or you can quite get that wavy beach look you always wanted. I would change the headband to a white or off-white material. That would be a big improvement. Also remembering your setting... the beach, this will also help. Because think about it... wouldn't this hairdo look so out of place in a ballgown wedding dress in a church? But think about it with a nice flowy dress out in the beeze on the beach... sounds better huh?

  This is another updo, but it's a little bit neater... reminds me of a hairdo that Taylor Swift wears. This one I think would look good for both a formal and less-formal wedding. For a beach wedding you could let a few peices of hair be free from the bun and have a little bit of a messier look, and for a church wedding you could make it neater and put a tiara on top of your head. Either way I think it would be a very nice hairdo.

  Speaking of tiaras...

Okay, so when it comes to tiaras, I'm pretty picky. Yes, on my wedding day I want to be treated as a princess, because after all it is my day, right? Dressing like one... hmmm, not so much. Well, aside from the dress, but I don't need all the princess accesories too! So, when I look at tiaras, I don't want one that looks like a crown. I like this one because of its simplicity... and the fact that is doesn't look like a crown. Things I would change about it... first off I would get rid of the diamonds, I'm not a huge fan of that... secondly, I would change it to all silver... thirdly, maybe give it a kind of leafy design if that makes sense? The only reason I pick this picture was because I like the general shape of it... plus this was the only picture I could find that was anything close to what I want.

And this one I just really like because it reminds me of the ones that Lucy and Susan have in the Chronicles of Narnia. Actually, I think I like this one better than the first one.

Well, anyway that's all I have for now. If you read this to the bottom, I will be so proud of you hahaha. I didn't mean for it to be this long, but once I got started I couldn't stop! Hahaha and now that I look back over it, it looks like I'm trying to sell the stuff. Well, anyway, I've gotten everything for our weddings ready, now we just need to find the guys hahah...

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