Okay, so I'm doing it again... I was looking at some pictures of wedding dresses with boots under them. I wasn't really sure how I would pull it off but I was reading through a bunch of stuff, and at first I was thinking of having my brides maids in boots too, but I don't think I'm gonna so that. I read someones story where they wore boots but didn't let the groom know so when he saw them after the wedding it was funny and a surprise. I think thats what I want to do, so I don't want to brides maids to wear them because then that would be really obvious that I had them on too... plus boots are expensive.
But they do look cute with bridesmaids dresses....


This page had alot of pictures that I thought looked really good.

bridesmaids in cowboy boots 6

I like the colors in this picture. Another picture on that page I sent you looked pretty and so did the colors, but the brides maids dresses were a light brown and the brides dress was a beige color. It was all pretty but the bride just kinda blended in, and you want the bride to stand out... this is why I ike the colors in this picture. I love brown and green together. Its a very natural look, which makes the cowboy boots fit in even more. I like this color of green, but I think I would do something a little lighter.